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Osmosis Training Ltd.

Despite being a young company Osmosis Training has within its organisation significant knowledge and experience in the recruitment and training fields.

The combination of  experience, legal education and nursing qualifications within our company provides a unique position from which to assist agencies and other organisations meet their Pasa and Care Standards training and induction requirements.

Osmosis Training Ltd is an independent company and has no relationship to any nursing agency or healthcare group.



POVA Training and CIS plus more

As well as providing PASA, POVA and CIS training, Osmosis Training provides several other types of training. Osmosis Training provides classroom based training and education in the following areas: manual handling, health and safety, first aid, child law, medical law and personnel safety. If you or your company want to provide networked or online training we can provide the facilities to assist you.


PASA and POVA Compliancy training. Healthcare organisations are required to provide inductions and training for their workers via PASA’s various agency projects and Care Standards Act. Osmosis Training can provide all your company’s training and induction requirements – the majority online.

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NVQ Child Care Courses  Osmosis training is proud to introduce new NVQ Child Care Courses

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