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Advantages of E-learning.

The advantages of learning electronically outweigh traditional learning methods. Research has shown the effectiveness of E-Learning. Many large organisations such as PWC and indeed the NHS have recognised the benefit of using E-Learning. Users undertaking electronic learning can absorb more information. The software can ensure that the person completes each session and takes an assessment for each lesson undertaken.

Osmosis Training can provide significantly cheaper training and inductions than via conventional methods. In house training is both time consuming and costs a significant amount of money to gain the relevant knowledge. Using other companies to provide out sourced training is also expensive. Out sourced training providers charge their full rates even if you do not fill their sessions!

Osmosis Training offers the most flexible approach to training and inductions that is available to healthcare organisations.

The disadvantage of having fixed date sessions means that attendance is difficult to arrange. Osmosis Training will allow the temporary workers to undertake 90% of the training and induction sessions at any time of the day - even at night! The time spent on practical, fixed time sessions, that are still required, such as manual handling and basic life support, are significantly reduced. These sessions are provided by Osmosis on a frequent basis.

Osmosis Training avoids the rigidity associated with arranging training and inductions by keeping fixed date teaching sessions to a minimum.

All training is designed and prepared by experienced healthcare professionals. The aim of Osmosis Training is to provide appropriate training and inductions which is backed by relevant experience and qualification. Your organisation will gain the advantage of high quality training without the necessity of undertaking the courses and study required to provide such training in house.

Liberation of your Time
Setting up, running and arranging training/inductions courses will dominate your time. This is time that you could be spending on your core business - providing temporary workers. Training and inductions are not your front office task. Let Osmosis undertake this back office task for your organisation.

The flexibility provided by Osmosis Training will liberate your organisation from the dominant tasks associated with training and inducting staff.


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