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How e-learning works for organisations

The training and induction solution provides healthcare workers with an induction and training electronically. A worker will sit down at a computer and will be taken through an induction and training via interactive software. As with other companies, Osmosis Training calls this type of education ‘E-learning’.

There are two ways the service will be provided to your organisation. The first and preferred method is via a fast internet line - ADSL / Broadband line. This service is both cheap and useful for other aspects of your business. Osmosis Training will provide the on-line training lessons. Your organisations’ healthcare workers will undertake the lessons/induction via your computers or at an Osmosis Training suite. This training can take place at any time!

A minimum of classroom teaching is required for the practical element of manual handling sessions and basic life support; Osmosis will provide such training at our training suite. This can be provided at your workplace under certain circumstances. The practical sessions are arranged on a very regular basis thus the disadvantage of fixed date sessions is considerably diluted.

The other method of delivery involves Osmosis Training loading the E-learning sessions on your computer. Healthcare workers will then undertake the lessons as normal but this will not be via the internet. It should be noted this method will take some time to arrange whilst the online learning is available immediately after agreement.

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