Welcome to the Osmosis Training Ltd Sample Lesson

This lesson is designed to show you how a lesson that is undertaken by your organisation's employees will look and feel.

The training subject is called 'Find out about Osmosis Training!'

Please ensure the sound is working on your computer so that you can take advantage of listening to the commentary provided.

As with all the lessons that Osmosis Training will provide, you will have to listen to the commentary on each page before you can move on to the next page.

This way we can ensure that the people who are given the training undertake the full session and don't skip any pages.



Instructions for accessing and using the sample lesson

1. Please note the following passwords down as you will be asked for them in order to access the lesson: User= 'Sample', Password= 'Sample' and Candidate Pin = 'Sample'.


2. Access the lessons via the 'Access to Lessons' link at the top right hand side of the page. Insert passwords as descibed above.

3. Once you have accessed the course summary page, please click on the lesson under the word link and your lesson will start.

4. You must press play and listen to the lesson before you can press 'next' to move to the next page. Otherwise the operation of the lesson is straightforward.

5. After you have undertaken the lesson you will be asked a few test questions then you will be shown your percentage mark. You will be shown a link 'Link to My Courses Button'. Once pressed it will shown a page that offers you the option to undertake the same lesson again or you can log out via the link at the top right of the page.


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